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Billions and billion of strategies…for small meeples such as we the vastness is bearable only through games.

The sly Sagan is the cleverest of the heroes. Sagan knows how to think on his feet and comes up with complex and creative solutions to unique problems. Everything the ninja fox does helps him navigate the world. Judging distances as he springs from branch to branch through the trees. Piecing together the clues to solve the mysteries of the world. Using his brain to find the safest way through the toughest problem, foxy Sagan can analyze a situation to keep him safe from danger and win the day!

Gaming is a fun activity that helps exercise your ability to think through situations in very creative ways. Whether you’re strategizing your way across the board or in a role playing campaign, the game is all about solving problems. A lot of games have a complex or fluid strategic element where traditional thinking is not going to be enough. Carcassonne, for example, has the basic structure of laying down tiles, but within that is the placement of your Meeples, the decision of allocating resources for roads, farmland, or city spaces. You can play a quick point game by completing smaller cities and roads, or play the long game by fighting for farmland and larger territories. If you’re playing with the dragon, you may find yourself adjusting your strategy to simply prevent yourself and your game mates from flipping the table.

Role playing games open up many options for exploring methods of critical thinking because building unique challenges into the story is part of the fun. Not only do you have enemies to fight, you also have traps, puzzles, and mysteries that are resolved by talking through them together. When five characters are faced with a common enemy, those players just learned four new ways to approach that situation. By broadening our perspective, we increase our chance for success because we understand more about the world around us. Then we roll the dice and all of our careful planning goes to hell, forcing us to adjust again. Good times!

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