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The Bodhana Group knows that traditional methods of capacity building do not always work for everyone. We recommend using modern tabletop games as an alternative, which provide entertainment and covert learning opportunities. Our two-day training is designed for therapists, educators, and parents who want to find the right games for the right reasons. We will teach you how to select, learn, teach, and modify games for maximum shared goals of fun and fundamentals.

The cost of the training will be determined based on the number of participants and will include an impressive set of starter games that will set you on the path to using games to reach your audience and objectives. We will select game titles that best fit your program goals.

Our training is available for agency-specific offerings as well as collaborations between agencies. Depending on your agency's location, the price may include travel expenses.


Board games are an effective and enjoyable way to develop essential skills and capacities. Unlike traditional methods of skill-building, board games offer a targeted and focused approach that is more engaging and enjoyable. They provide a unique opportunity to learn while playing, making the experience more fun and effective.


For example, Zombie Kidz by Scorpion Masque Games is a cooperative game that effectively develops color recognition, strategic thinking, collaboration, and resilience. We use a variety of board games in our groups, specifically selected based on the skills we want to build, to ensure effective learning and to make the experience more enjoyable.


Your team is an essential part of your business, and it's crucial to ensure they work together efficiently to boost productivity. The traditional approach to improve teamwork involves physical activities, but we have a more effective solution that uses the power of gaming.

We specialize in customizing events that utilize the fun and engaging hobby of tabletop board games to help your team develop and improve their skills. Each game requires specific sets of skills to play, and we capitalize on these skills to your advantage. With a wide variety of games available, your team can grow and improve while also creating unforgettable shared experiences that will bring them closer together.

Our approach offers a perfect mix of social engagement and unique ways to build skill capacities you need to make your team and business successful. Don't settle for the traditional approach; choose our innovative solution to take your team to the next level!

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