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Hawk knows the key to life is balance! Tabletop games generally involve lots of sitting, so it’s great to get up from the table and physically interact with your games!

Floor and table games that require dexterity encourage players to add a physical component to their strategy. Dexterity games open up opportunities to explore the application of physics when you strategically drop your monster on a city block in the game Rampage (or Terror in Meeple City). Players need to consider the immediate and future effects their destruction will trigger when wooden meeples and cardboard buildings go scattering based on the height and speed of their drop. Games like Flick ‘em Up and Disc Duelers increase manual dexterity and focus simply by flicking discs through fun environments and obstacles. Dungeon Fighter and Junk Art require careful balance and analysis before each move. Social icebreaker games like Happy Salmon and Cash ‘n Guns Live get players up, moving, and interacting. Dexterity games are games that have people standing and pacing, breathless in anticipation of the outcome.

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