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Metta, our wizard of empathy, takes you on a journey of discovery through tabletop games.

Metta, the word and the hero, embodies the idea that love and compassion can be explored through one’s willingness to see the world from another's point of view. When you take the time to understand people through their perspective, you are able to form a stronger connection to your world. This helps you to proceed with compassion, fellowship, and respect.

Metta invites you to step into the shoes of people from history to gain perspective on challenging conditions. Board games that take you from exploring our world in Lewis and Clark: The Expedition, creating government in Founding Fathers, to standing up to that government in Freedom: The Underground Railroad. Play through the eyes of a Russian orphan in Fiasco: Children Homes, a storytelling game written by Russian orphans to increase awareness of their struggle and plight. Experience the struggle of people who have limited expression with games that limit your communication like Magic Maze and Hanabi.

Role playing games offer an endless universe of fictional and non-fictional worlds. Delve into storylines featuring superpowers, mystery, dangerous encounters, and even fluffy stuffed animals. Spend a few hours in character as a noble hero, fearless underdog, or actual dog in Pugmire! Research your timeline to see what clothing you characters might wear, what technology may or may not be available, what past decisions have led to this moment. The possibilities are endless!

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