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Critical hits will come and go Some are weal and some are woe Pick up your dice and continue your rolls For those that roll on are the true heroes

Whether it is in the deepest darkest dungeons, or on the glorious field of battle, Rowe stands firm. If he ever gets knocked down, you can be sure, he’ll get back up. Never quit, never give up is his motto! When things happen that he doesn't expect, he sticks it out with determination and moves on to the next challenge! Whether it’s a bigger bad guy, or a critical die roll, the dwarf always knows how to stay in the fight and rise to the occasion!

Resiliency is a rarely thought about skill area that games develop. Think about it, you try to pick a lock or make an attack. The die does not roll in your favor. You need to be able to go with the story and deal with the un-luck of the die. As a player, you might have a great plan in mind, but the story might throw your plan out the window. We learn how to deal with change, and also deal with losing. This gives great education in dealing with adversity that can cross over from the table to life. There are some games that have scenarios built in and the challenge is in managing to defeat the challenge. Setting the board back up and trying again helps teach us not to give up in a real life situation.

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