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Important:  SAFe 2021 will be exclusively online with the support of Friendly Local Game Stores who are running "mini-SAFe" events in store.  There is no central SAFe in-person location this year.

Save Against Fear is The Bodhana Group's annual flagship fundraiser - a three day game convention style event featuring games, panels, workshops and special guests.  This event first started as a small gathering hosted at Six Feet Under Games in New Holland with a modest 35 attendees 11 years ago.  Since that time the event has grown into a force of its own, with our last in person SAFe breaking 500 attendees in 2019.  

Last year, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we shifted our event to an online format, which brought SAFe and The Bodhana Group to a larger audience with our ability to bring in special guests and attendees from all over the world.  Even though we are making great strides as a nation with our vaccination and response to the pandemic, the Board of Directors decided in March that it was not fully safe for us to proceed with a fully in person event at that time.

Obviously some things have changed since then, but larger events at in person locations cannot just happen overnight so Save Against Fear 2021 is going to be the most unique and exciting SAFe yet - with a first time hybrid presentation.  This will help us bring SAFe and the mission of Bodhana to you in a number of new ways:


Save Online

This year we are partnering with the platform StartPlayingGames to offer online sessions in a pay by session model.  You sign up for the sessions you want to play in and only pay for those sessions.  Also, GMs can choose to earn a percentage of those sessions or donate that portion to Bodhana!  Easy sign up with a lot of features - this partnership is one we look forward to for years.  Click the link to sign up, run sessions, and join the team!



We have partnered with the fundraising platform Tiltify to enable people who are interested in helping us raise more funds for our mission by creating their own Team and hosting games, streams, whatever will help bring people to us!  Interested parties can sign up by visiting our page on the platform by Clicking the logo to the left!

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Save Satellite Program

We know that Brick and Mortar game stores are a staple of the hobby that have suffered a lot during the last year.  As we are slowly climbing out of the pandemic we wanted to help draw focus back onto these locations to get people into stores where we can game face to face. So we are partnering with stores to provide in person SAFe events in the stores you love!  Stores will create a Tiltify fundraising team and raise awareness for Bodhana in stores anywhere!


Save Satellite Virtual Partners

This year we are also partnering with Podcasters, Streamers and online content creators to help bring our message  further out into the world.  These partners will offer charity streams and unique programming throughout SAFe.  They will also be thanked and promoted via both the event website and our main website.