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TBG loves to present at conventions, conferencescommunity events, game stores, and more! Here is a sampling of our offerings. We specialize in customization when it comes to consultation and training, so reach out today to find how The Bodhana Group is the best game in town!

TBG Workshops & Consultation

Tabletop Game Library Convention Support

The Bodhana Group has a game library of 1500+ titles and we love to share! Armed with a crew of trained volunteers and our growing game library, TBG offers conventions and events of all sizes to upgrade their tabletop game room with Bodhana. We specialize in a customer service model that encourages gameplay and community among your attendees that leave them excited to come back year after year!

The Bodhana Group can offer your business a unique way to help your teams increase communication and critical thinking all while encouraging fun and camaraderie. We use a variety of tabletop games that promote a wide range of skills important to effective work environments. Our trainings create great opportunities for growth as well as great memories that will keep your team talking for months!  

The skills we can build include:

  • Critical thinking

  • Cooperative play

  • Creativity and expression

  • Perspective taking

Not only will we construct a one of a kind opportunity to suit your business, but we can also make recommendations of games you can obtain for use in your company to keep the brain going and growing! Customized rates based on travel, number of participants and activities. Contact us for more details.

Corporate Team Building

This introductory training starts participants on the long and exciting journey of learning how gaming can have a deeper, more impactful benefit. We discuss educational, social, and behavioral applications from different varieties of tabletop gaming. Group discussion activities include examination of common everyday games to see the rich potential for teaching skills and preparing people for life. This training is offered as both a lecture/powerpoint class and as an in-depth workshop that includes game play with all participants. 

The Benefits of Therapeutic Gaming

This presentation focuses the lens of therapeutic gaming more specifically to tabletop role playing games. We show connections between aspects of the role playing game hobby and established clinical approaches. Class discussion includes practice case studies where we explore how to inject therapeutic content into a role playing campaign.

Therapy & RPGs Isn't Just DnD

This unique workshop offers insight into that most basic piece of equipment for any role player - the character sheet. In an experience valuable for new players and veterans alike, we break down the anatomy of a character sheet and show not only what it can teach another person, but what it can help  us learn about ourselves, according to who we choose to play. Advanced versions of this class can include examples of character creation for all levels of understanding of the gaming hobby. 

Bringing Characters to Life

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