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Eddy Webb (with a “y,” thank you) is a writer, design consultant, and game and narrative designer for video games and RPGs. He’s worked on over a hundred books and games during his career. He has created unique game universes, such as the world of Pugmire. He’s also partnered with companies to work on established properties like Futurama, Firefly, Red Dwarf, the WWE, and Sherlock Holmes. He’s even won a few awards over the past decade or so. In his spare time, he advocates for more inclusion of people with hearing loss. He can be found at


Brendan J. LaSalle is a writer, game designer, and author of many FRPG adventures and supplements for Goodman Games, Fat Dragon, Savage Mojo, Hand Made Games, Pandahead Publishing, Troll Lords Games, Legendsmith, and others. He is best known as the creator of Xcrawl, the dungeon-adventure-cum-alternative-modern-death-sport he has published since 2002.He lives in Salem, MA, with his wife, Dr. Lori M. King, and dog. 


Barak Blackburn has always been interested in genre emulation, games that set out to capture a specific style of gameplay. He got his start doing some d20 work before working with Spectrum Games to design Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul, a comicbook superheroes game. After that he was brought on board the Spectrum team and has assisted with Spectrum's flagship line Cartoon Action Hour and designed their game of 1970s scifi television..... RETROSTAR. The Intention System from Retrostar has been adapted for both anthology horror and old time radio gameplay.

In 2016, Barak discovered a desire to work on small self-contained games, some with an attitude, some with a message, and some with heart. Dance 'Til Dawn emerged from the 2016 Game Chef competetion, and is a storytelling game using music to drive the narration. He designed the perfect game if anyone wanted to run an unofficial Spring Breakers campaign. 2017's Game Chef saw the creation of a politicized game about DJs bringing a message of hope to the masses, and in November for Game Design Month finally created the game using the street dice game cee-lo as the core mechanic. And what about a game inspired by Mr. T? Done.

Barak not only continues his work with Spectrum Games, and continues to make his own zinegames through Density Media, he works full-time as an educator, and has brought his skills and passions to the classroom leading workshops in Graphic Novels as Literature, Women in Comic Books, and designs classroom escape room type experiences.



Doug Levandowski is an English teacher and game designer from New Jersey. His games include Kids on Bikes (with Jon Gilmour), Gothic Doctor (with John McNeill), and the forthcoming Aunt Agatha's Attic. In his games, he tries to immerse players in off-beat, yet familiar worlds and encourage players to cultivate their own creativity. He lives with his remarkably supportive wife, shockingly cute baby daughter, and extraordinarily apathetic cats.  

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Cynthia Celeste Miller

Cynthia Celeste Miller is a game designer and President of Spectrum Games, a small press company specializing in games that faithfully emulate various genres. Cynthia has been in the game industry since 2002 and lives in Parsons, KS. with her life partner, Shelly, and their feline minions. She has been involved with numerous products in various capacities, including Cartoon Action Hour, Urban Manhunt: the Miniatures Game, Slasher Flick, On the Air, Macabre Tales, Stories from the Grave, The Big Crime, Retrostar, Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul, and many more. 

Camdon Wright


Camdon Wright (he/him) is a game designer who passionately loves playing pretend, telling stories, and creating spaces for marginalized voices. Besides being a staff writer at the ENnie award winning blog Gnome Stew and the Diversity Coordinator for the Indie Game Developers Network (IGDN), he’s the owner of Unicorn Motorcycle Games and proud father of two amazing kids. Some of his incredible work includes the 200-word RPG Secret Person of Color, the game Madness and Desire, and One Child's Heart. You can find him hiding behind a typewriter with a brilliant idea, playing pretend at various conventions, or holding loving conversations with those who need a friend.  

Kate Bullock


Kate Bullock (she/her) is a Canadian community and convention organizer with a passion for striving to create safer and more inclusive spaces within the TTRPG community. She’s a co-host and community organizer of the Gauntlet Podcast, creative partner and line developer at Unicorn Motorcycle Games, one of the main organizers of Breakout Gaming Convention, and the president of the Indie Game Developer Network. You can find her blog, Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming, filled with in depth analyses of the gaming community and what we can do to make it better. Kate is a consultant for safety and inclusion in the RPG world, as well as a content editor for RPGs to ensure they meet industry standards around inclusion and safety.

When she's playing pretend at being a game designer, you can find her game, Crossroads Carnival, at Magpie Games. You can also check out her work in The Veil: Cascade, Atlas Animalia, and Loving Fiercely.

If you’re bored and want to get to know her, you can find her on

Twitter as @bluestockingetc.

Eloy Lasanta

Third Eye Games.jpg

Eloy Lasanta runs Third Eye Games, one of the most unique tabletop RPG companies, creating very different experiences than what can be found at most tables. He has designed such amazing games like Part-Time Gods Second Edition, Sins of the Father, and the Pip System (made for family-friendly games), but has also contributed his own take on almost any subject matter to other larger properties, like Vampire: The Masquerade and the Firefly RPG. He has a mind for game design, always seeing life through the lens of how something can be made into a game so everyone can enjoy it on a grander level. There is always a new project he’s working on, and so much to talk about in 2019, so Save Against Fear is the perfect place for him to be a guest! If you run into him, don’t hesitate to stop him and have a chat. He won’t bite. 

Calvin Johns

Calvin Johns is a game designer and publisher who helms Anthropos Games, an indie design co-op out of Austin, TX. He has designed Early Dark and Fantaji, two games that could not be more different but both focus on emergent meaning and toying with constraints in player agency. Forthcoming games include Scouts of The Taiga, Paper Tigers, and Back From Blackout, a solo card game about building support networks and overcoming addiction. Calvin holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Texas and approaches all design work with a mind for challenging assumptions of the human and expanding visions of the social.


Anthropos Games also hosts large-scale play events such as murder mystery weekends and local alternate reality games, most recently as a capstone event of new physician orientation for St. David's Hospital in Austin.

Dixie Cochran

Dixie is a freelance editor and proofreader. She's been working mostly in the roleplaying-game industry for four years, though she's edited fiction and nonfiction as well (and enjoys it!). She has an eye for detail, and is happy to work with any style guides her clients use. She specializes in fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and romance, though she's always willing to try new things!

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