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The Bodhana Group offers the following professional training opportunities eligible for CE hours. 

The training series listed below in the series can be taken individually or together to allow you and your organization to complete your training in The Bodhana Model of utilizing narrative role playing games for therapeutic and beneficial intention. This program is designed for professional Therapists and Counselors of Master’s Level or higher degree and professionals wishing to learn how to use this adaptive approach to treatment. The series takes the participant from theory to application to practice in our combined 5-day seminar certification program. Upcoming dates for these programs as well as information on how to register can be found on our Events Calendar.

The Bodhana Model for Professional Therapists
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ACEP No. 7047

The Bodhana Group has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing  Education Provider, ACEP No. 7047. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit  are clearly identified. The Bodhana Group is solely responsible for all aspects of the  programs.

Complaint Policy

If a participant or potential participant would like to express a concern about his/her/their experience with The Bodhana Group, they may email  Although we do not guarantee a particular outcome, the individual can expect us to consider the complaint, make any necessary decisions and respond within a reasonable amount of time. 

TBG 101 – Therapeutic Applications of Tabletop Role Playing Games – 5.5 CE Hours

Authored by: Jack Berkenstock Jr., MHS and Martin Young, MS Counseling, Psychology; LPC; NCC

Oct 23, 2021

Our introduction to The Bodhana Model covers the basic framework utilizing narrative role playing games in a clinical setting.  Participants will learn the connections between role playing games and multiple established treatment modalities as well as a brief history of the gaming hobby.   This training offers the basic framework of The Bodhana Model including documentation, goal setting and how to marry the twin skills sets of running game-based content that involves and immerses clients and therapeutic injection of goals and objectives.  This training is an eight hour training from 9 -5pm.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the basic components of a tabletop role playing game as well as concerns regarding its use in a clinical setting.

  •  Describe the connections between accepted therapeutic modalities and the basics of tabletop role-playing games.  

  • Identify the opportunities for tabletop role playing games to practice, develop and enhance skills for personal development.

  • Create a basic role playing game adventure arc and apply therapeutic exercises relevant to sample clients.

  • Discuss potential uses of therapeutic role playing games with varying populations and differing mental health/developmental concerns.

TBG 201 – Creating & Implementing Therapeutically Driven Content for Narrative Role Playing Games – 7.0 CE Hours
Authored by: Jack Berkenstock Jr., MHS

August 21, 2021

This advanced class takes participants on a further exploration of one of the central questions most professionals ask – how do you create the content that is used for therapeutic role playing?  This training provides guidance in how to create worlds, scenarios and challenges to meet the needs of your group and practice.   Additionally, this training talks about how to gauge investment in the content and advice on how to handle problems situations that occur during running sessions.  Special exercises focus on creating specific challenges and storylines to use within group settings.  This is an eight hour training from 9-5pm.

Learning objectives:

  •  Identify the basic components of creating settings for role playing games and how design elements can be tailored to allow participants to practice behaviors and skills applicable to therapeutic goals.  

  • Create a basic role playing game adventure arc and specific challenges that help reinforce and practice therapeutic skills that can provide direct practice of skills applicable to therapeutic goals.

  •  Identify and plan for potential problem situations that occur during therapeutic role playing game sessions.

  • Discuss and practice altering content and implementation of therapeutic role playing games to benefit different populations and a wide range of mental health/developmental concerns.  

TBG – 301 – Writing and Running a Therapeutic One-Shot – 12 CE Hours
Authored by: Jack Berkenstock Jr., MHS

SEP 18th & 25th, 2021

This expert level class takes participants through the process of designing a therapeutic one shot adventure based on goals from sample case studies.  Using a modified and simple to use role playing game system, participants will collaborate with other professionals to create a one shot adventure.  They then have the double experience of running their own content while also acting as players for another group.  This will allow the participants to experience the process from the perspective of facilitator as well as recipient.  This training thus provides a framework for supervision and oversight when using Therapeutic Role Playing Games.   This is a two day training, with class time on two Saturdays one week apart 9-5pm, while the week between trainings sessions will include some small group work on developing your therapeutic one-shot.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the basic elements needed for a therapeutic adventure and how to fit clinical goals into the setting.

  • Create a basic role playing game adventure using sample case studies in a group work environment to practice construction and implementation of therapeutic content.

  • Identify methods of evaluating therapeutic role playing game session content for supervision and clinical integrity.

  • Discuss and practice altering content and implementation of therapeutic role playing games with feedback from other professionals using this methodology.