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Submit your organized play sessions here!

  • Please submit one application per session.

  • Save staff will then update our schedule on and on our website.

  • GM's don't receive a discount on tickets, but do receive a free gifts and con exclusive extras!


As a nonprofit that focuses on gaming for good, TBG appreciates all of the hard work you put into making your game special. From what we've seen in the past 7 years of Save, here are some tips to help attract players and get your sessions to pop!

  • ​Apply early so you have maximum exposure on the schedule. The more sessions people see, the more attendees we attract!

  • Write full, detailed, exciting descriptions of your game session. ​​Attendees have a TON of activities to choose from, let them know why they should book 4 hours inside your world!

  • Attendees love variety. There are countless systems out there and we'd love to see as many run as possible! 

  • Spread the word to your game groups, local stores, online forums, and social media. The more attention, the more attendees to fill your table!

  • HAVE FUN! This is the con where everybody plays!

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