April 29, 2017    10am - 2pm

Harrisburg Mall (Main Entrance)

3501 Paxton Street    Harrisburg, PA 17111


Begin International Tabletop Day with us this year!

We'll be showcasing the transformative power of gaming with a FREE day of demonstrations and Bodhana fun for the whole family! Join our event page on Facebook and keep up with the latest details.

Sign up to volunteer at THIS event and be entered in a special raffle drawing!! 

How can you help? Put on a friendly face and play board, card, and dice games all afternoon. What could be cooler than that?!


  • Experience some new games

  • Square off against one of our Game Masters on your favorite board 

  • Meet other gamers in the area

  • Learn more about Bodhana and our services

  • Sign up to be a volunteer and run games for Bodhana in your community

Benefits of the Game

  • Helps improve social skills

  • Positive interaction

  • Endless amount of fun

  • Brings out the kid in every adult

  • Educational and Therapeutic

  • Takes 30-45 minutes to win!

Special Guest
Dominique Elliot will be demonstrating her game,
Risky Arcade!

Risky Arcade

Risky Arcade is a strategy and luck board game that incorporates the arcade experience without needing tokens! Players travel the board playing games and winning tickets to collect prizes from the gift shop. The first player to race to the gift shop and collect all 3 prizes wins!

How to Play

Players travel the board which includes some of your favorite retro and modern arcade games. The objective of the game is to win tickets by testing your luck with the roll of the dice or using the spinner. The game includes a deck of random chance cards that determine if a player will be winning or losing tickets. The challenge of the game is racing to the gift shop to redeem your tickets and collect a prize. With taking chances, there’s also risks and players will need to redeem their tickets before they lose them.


About the Inventor

Dominique Elliot is a Stockton University Alumni with 6+ years’ experience working with children and families as a Social Worker and Educator. She used her creative skills and background in Psychology and Education to create a product that would reshape the home and strengthen relationships between children and families.

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