Bodhana Game Programs offer a series of focused game sessions structured around improving a specific set of skills. Customized to serve the needs of the group, we create unique programs designed to bring the fun while discovering new ways to learn. 
Our services extend to, but are not limited to:
  • ​Public, Private, Charter, Alternative, and Home Schools
  • Day, Afterschool, and Summer Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Professional Team Building
Please contact us at to set up a consultation and find out how we can help you game for good!

Tabletop Team Building

  • Revitalize your team with easy-to-learn games that teach alternative forms of communication and expression while encouraging trust and empathy.

The Young & the Bold

  • Board games have been proven to help the aging maintain cognitive development and manual dexterity. We maximize on these benefits by combining classic and modern games with fun social interaction!

Beds & Boards

  • Hospital patients, both short and long-term, need to overcome many psychological barriers when focusing on healing and recovery. Working through the fear, isolation, and depression can slow that recovery when not managed appropriately.  Tabletop games provide not only a distraction, but often a new way to think about an old problem. By utilizing critical thinking skills to devise a winning strategy, spending time to write out and develop a character, or engaging with fellow patients that are usually alone in their rooms, tabletop games provide opportunities to find new reasons to stay strong and keep moving forward.


Rowe’s Roll for Resiliency

  • This game program focuses on increasing empathy and awareness of the diversity of the human experience. Utilizing board and role playing games, players meet real characters from around the world and through time. Each game session is followed by a discussion to process the lessons explored. 


Mister Meeple’s Social Hour

  • Using a variety of party games, Social Hour is all about practicing verbal and nonverbal communication skills in a judgement-free, encouraging environment. 


Christa’s Boards of Education

  • We take the foundations of education and reinforce those concepts through application. Learning through gaming helps players see how theories work in action instead of rote memorization without comprehension. We maximize on this potential by pairing and customizing the game experience very carefully to the group served.

Alice’s Self Express

  • Alice's game sessions are designed to explore methods of verbal and nonverbal communication, visualization, and inspiration. Games are more focused on creating and interpreting art in all its forms and discovering hidden talents.

Sagan's Critical Success 

  • Using games that focus on strategy and analysis, we work to develop the ability to problem solve, plan ahead for success,  and adapt to unpredictable situations. Games that include episodic campaigns and complex theories encourage real-life application of critical thinking skills.

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