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Board Game Training Programs & Services
The Bodhana Group knows that there are many ways to approach capacity building. Most people supported do not respond readily to traditional methods. One alternative is the use of modern tabletop games. The array of unique and exciting titles not only give an entertaining recreational option, but they also specialize in capacity building through covert learning opportunities. Specific titles require different skills to play. Through engagement in the title, players build and develop skills naturally and organically.  

The Bodhana Group offers a unique two day training focused on how to bring the power of tabletop board games to your program. Appropriate for therapists, educators and parents all focused on making sure you find the right games for the right reasons. The training features focused lessons on how to select games for the needs of your audience, how to learn games, teach games, as well as modifying those games for the maximum shared goals of fun and fundamentals.

Sample capacities focused on:

Problem solving

Social interaction

Creativity and Expression



Perspective taking


Pricing for the training is based on the number of participants in your training and includes a set of starter games used in the training to help get you on your way to using games as a way to not only reach your audience, but also your goals. Titles vary based on availability and needs of the organization. We can select titles that fit the goals of your program.


Training available for agency specific offerings as well as collaborations between agencies. Pricing may include travel depending on the location of your agency.


Sample Games featured for the training:


Ticket to Ride


Astro Trash


Point Salad




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